Full Service Manufacturing

Our product design team will work with you to conceptualize, design and develop an innovative product line of high quality apparel, accessories and custom offerings that your fans will love.

Audiolife provides in-house design, branding and product development.  Together, we will develop a strategic line plan and merchandising mix of high quality products that your fans will be happy to buy and proud to own.

Our team of experienced merchandisers will manage and oversee the entire merchandise side of your business, leaving you nothing to worry about except what matters most: showcasing your music. 

Design, manufacturing, warehousing, web, retail, licensing, and most importantly, your tours, all of it is handled by Audiolife so that you can stick with the business of making music and delivering it to your fans.

Global Tour Services

Audiolife offers management for all varieties of tours and events, both domestic and international, from small club tours to arenas, festivals and stadium tours.  Our strategic international partnerships with companies based in London, Melbourne and Tokyo enable us to handle all global touring needs.

Global Tour Services include: manufacturing, tour sales forecasting, global tour logistics, venue advancing and settlement, merchandise storage and inventory control, staffing and vending, international banking and accounting, ticketing and auxiliary services.

Retail Services

Audiolife’s extensive network of sales rep groups stationed throughout North America and Europe span the gamut of quality retail, from boutique shops to mass retail chains, including Hot Topic, Grammy Museum shops, Spencer’s Gifts, Journey’s, Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, HMV, Transworld and Kohl’s, just to name a few.


Audiolife is able to manage every aspect of the licensing process.

Services include:

  1. Maintaining current image libraries
  2. Style Guides
  3. Facilitate approvals from design to sampling
  4. Royalty Collection
  5. Full Accounting and Client Payment

The most frequently licensed products available through Audiolife are specialty apparel, bags, glass and headwear, greeting cards, posters, calendars and toys.